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Business Audit

Business Financial CFO Audit Services

Gain the Competitive Edge with Fractional CFO Services to unleash your business's financial potential.


Your Strategic Financial Partner

In an era of unprecedented financial challenges and opportunities, ensuring your business possesses the finest financial management is paramount. At Finance Mob, we offer unrivalled CFO audit services tailored to elevate SMEs and startups in the UK. Our vision is clear – to fuel your business's rapid expansion and success from the first interaction. We don't just provide an audit; we empower you with the tools and expertise needed for optimised financial governance. Entrust your finance and audit requirements to our meticulously screened CFOs, adept at driving transformative change.

The Imperative of CFO Audit in Today’s Business Landscape

The realm of business today is riddled with financial intricacies. Making well-informed financial decisions, amidst this complexity, necessitates a meticulous CFO audit. The value of robust financial audit services isn't just in compliance; it's about understanding the very soul of your business finances, identifying strengths, and unveiling opportunities for refinement. This is where we, at Finance Mob, excel. We bridge the gap between financial ambiguity and clarity. By choosing to outsource business audits to our platform, you're not just outsourcing a task; you're collaborating with a partner. Our CFOs bring forward-thinking strategies, deep-rooted expertise, and an unyielding commitment to your company's financial health. Beyond mere numbers, we deliver insights, ensuring that every financial strategy you implement is rooted in data and crafted for sustained growth. Partnering with us means accessing a reservoir of financial acumen designed to position your business at the forefront of its industry.

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Transcending Traditional Finance: Our CFO Audit Differentiator

In a saturated market of finance audit services, what sets Finance Mob apart? Adaptability and expertise. Unlike standard audit financial services, our CFO audit process goes beyond checking boxes. We integrate innovative methodologies, harnessing the full power of outsourcing finance audits for a holistic overview of your financial architecture. Our CFOs don’t just identify anomalies; they anticipate, adapt, and advocate for financial strategies that sustain growth. When you lean into our services, you’re securing a vantage point that perceives every financial nuance, ensuring that every pound is an investment towards your business’s brighter future. But our distinction doesn't end there. In this ever-evolving digital age, our approach is both tech-savvy and human-centric. Embracing technology, we deliver swift yet comprehensive audits, and with a personal touch, we ensure that solutions are tailored, relevant, and align with your business ethos. At Finance Mob, our CFO audit differentiator isn’t merely a service but an embodiment of a new-age financial vision.

Contact The Finance Mob Today!

Your financial frontier awaits and with Finance Mob by your side, the horizon is not just a dream, but an achievable vision. Don't let your business's potential remain untapped. Harness the prowess of our top-tier CFO audit services and set the stage for financial ascendancy. When you think of finance and audit, think of a partnership with us – a commitment to your business’s unequivocal success. Engage with Finance Mob today and let's co-create your financial legacy.

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Meet The Mobsters

Our team comprises of the industry's finest, handpicked to drive forward the most dynamic and progressive clients. Recruiting only those who can meet this challenging feat is another story. But our carefully chosen CFOs are unmatched in their game, with impressive achievements and multiple funding rounds worth hundreds of millions, not to mention IPO and inclusion in Top 100 start-ups lists!


Nicole Street



Jody Hufnagel



Wayne Gallant


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Paul Humpage



Millie Street



Jack Madden


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Nicole is practical and straight talking who does not shy away from delivering difficult messages.

If you are looking for an experienced and capable finance professional who will help you navigate the choppy waters that come with ambitious growth then I highly recommend Nicole to you.

Ric Williams - eEnergy Group PLC

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