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Boost Your Profits with The Finance Mob's Fractional CFOs

Hey there, Nicole Street from The Finance Mob here! Today, we're going to share some valuable insights on how our team of mobster fractional CFOs can help you boost your profits. We'll dive deep into the underlying numbers and guide you through the process, so buckle up and get ready to watch your profits soar!

1. Start with Your WHY The first thing you need to do is identify your reason for being in business beyond just making a profit. This will fuel your motivation, keep you focused, and ultimately lead to greater profits. 2. Pricing Strategy Small changes in pricing can make significant differences. On average, a 1% price increase yields an 11% increase in profit. Our mobster CFOs will analyze your pricing strategy and recommend adjustments to maximize your profits. 3. Reducing Costs Implementing a company-wide expense controls program can significantly reduce costs. Our team will work with you to identify areas for cost reduction and help you implement effective strategies. 4. Improving Payment Collection Automating and improving payment collection processes can drastically impact your cash flow and profits. We'll help you streamline these processes and minimize late payments. 5. Measurement/KPIs What gets measured gets managed. Our CFOs will deep dive into trends, build intelligent KPIs, and focus on what really matters to drive profit growth. 6. Supplier Management Tightly managing suppliers can unlock cost-saving opportunities such as bulk-buying, consolidation of costs, and discounts. We'll help you optimise your supplier relationships for maximum benefit. 7. Lending Facilities A well-managed finance function builds trust with banks, giving you leverage for improved lending facilities. Our fractional CFOs will ensure your financials are in top shape to negotiate better terms. 8. Grants We'll investigate all possible opportunities for grant funding, helping you access additional capital to grow your business. 9. R&D Tax Credits Our team will explore options for R&D tax credits, potentially unlocking significant savings that can be reinvested into your business. 10. Optimisation We'll optimise all working parts of your finance function – 'The 12 Boxes' – to improve efficiency, productivity, and increase output. 11. Improved Proposition By tightening up your value proposition, we'll help you increase your conversion rate and reduce the cost of new customer acquisition. 12. Customer Retention Customer retention is just as important, if not more so, than new customer acquisition. We'll assist you in striking a healthy balance between the two, ensuring long-term profitability. 13. Outsourcing We'll investigate opportunities for outsourcing to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and improve access to skills.

With The Finance Mob's team of mobster fractional CFOs by your side, our clients unlock the secrets to profit maximisation and watch their profits soar. Are you the next success story for The Finance Mob?


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