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Outsourced Fractional CFO Services

Fractional CFO Services for Startup & SME Companies in the UK

Gain the Competitive Edge with Fractional CFO Services to unleash your business's financial potential.


Your Strategic Financial Partner

Born from Nicole's vision of a world where businesses achieve unprecedented growth, The Finance Mob provides access to top-tier Fractional CFO services. Our platform empowers companies to optimise their financial management, fueling rapid expansion and success from the day of engagement. We rigorously screen our highly skilled CFOs, ensuring they possess the expertise and adaptability needed to make a lasting impact on your business.

Working with a Fractional CFO from The Finance Mob means unlocking your company's full potential. Our experts analyse your financial situation and implement strategies that optimise cash flow, reduce costs, and increase profitability, ultimately propelling your business to new heights in today's competitive market. Contact us today and experience the transformative power of a Fractional CFO, turning your growth aspirations into reality and creating a legacy of extraordinary success.

fractional cfo/growth consulting

We understand that many SME businesses don’t often need a full-time finance director, and many certainly don’t have the budget for it.

Crisis management

At your wits end and not sure how to turn your business around? Cashflow a constraint, not sure where your money has gone? HMRC at your door with outstanding liabilities?

board services

Non Exec Board Advisors, to businesses that feel their current board has gaps, whether that be Finance, Operations, Marketing or Sales. We have top level executives that will add gravitas and diversity to any board.

Meet the Founder

Nicole Street

  • ACCA Fellowship Status with 17+ years’ experience working in Management & Finance

  • Notorious industry leader and extremely sought after in the Business Start Up community commanding top tier consulting fee's

  • Stock Market Bell Ringer, taking the business from Start up to IPO

  • Specialises in early stage start up and high growth businesses, helping them achieve their rapid growth plans whilst ensuring they have the infrastructure for longevity. 

  • Extensive experience in raising finance and acquisitions and was pivotal to listing eEnergy on the AIM stock exchange.

  • Ethos: Turn up, Show up & Be Present.

  • Serious about coffee, passionate about people and a serial wanderer

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Meet The Mobsters

Our team comprises of the industry's finest, handpicked to drive forward the most dynamic and progressive clients. Recruiting only those who can meet this challenging feat is another story. But our carefully chosen CFOs are unmatched in their game, with impressive achievements and multiple funding rounds worth hundreds of millions, not to mention IPO and inclusion in Top 100 start-ups lists!


Nicole Street



Jody Hufnagel



Wayne Gallant


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Paul Humpage



Millie Street



Jack Madden


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When Working With a Mobster

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Nicole is practical and straight talking who does not shy away from delivering difficult messages.

If you are looking for an experienced and capable finance professional who will help you navigate the choppy waters that come with ambitious growth then I highly recommend Nicole to you.

Ric Williams - eEnergy Group PLC

Our clients are the best...

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